Do you take ages to get ready in the morning?

Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution to your daily struggle of having to look put together.

Imagine waking up with eye makeup without having to lift a finger which lasts from 2-4 weeks!

Enjoy the extensions for every day, gym, holidays or special occasions.

These semi-permanent eyelash extensions are made from synthetic mink fibres which are attached to each natural lash 1 by 1, 100% safe and 100% damage free.

The fibres grow out with your natural lash cycle from a baby lash to an adult lash and eventually sheds off.

At Eyelashcure we understand everyone is different and has different eye shapes, so we cater to everyone’s needs. No one size fits all. As we often neglect ourselves in this busy reality, why not book a free consultation to start your self-care journey. This is where the magic begins.

Your Lash Artist/educator has been in the Lash Industry for 6 years in the making…

3X qualified as an expert in the field.