Classic Beginner Eyelash Extension Course

Ray · July 1, 2022

(Online theory & face to face practical) –

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  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Learn all three lash techniques: Classic, Hybrid & Russian Volume
  • Make a sustainable income
  • Work around your own schedule
  • Available internationally
  • Work when you want 
  • No time limit to complete 
  • Unlimited on-going support 
  • Lifetime discount up to 15% off Eyelashcureartistry shop products 
  • Lifetime discount up to 25% off Eyelashcureartistry courses
  • Accredited and insurable certification (**depending on the chosen course)

Classic Beginner Courses:

Who is this course for?

–       Start with no qualifications

–       Those who are new to the lash industry 

–       Those who want to learn 1-1 single lash extension application



Beginners Classic Course (Incl kit £499 + without kit £349)

One day training: 


What you will learn:

⁃           Lash extensions theory in depth

⁃           How to get started

⁃           Different styles using different lengths, weights & curls

⁃           Health and safety in depth

⁃           Contra indications

⁃           Sanitisation and sterilisation

⁃           Patch test

⁃           Hygiene

⁃           Anatomy & physiology

⁃           Lash shedding cycle

⁃           Consultation

⁃           Preparation

⁃           Safe taping & eye gel pads methods

⁃           Lash maps and styles

⁃           Best lash maps to suit eye shapes

⁃           Step by step Application procedure

⁃           Live demo

⁃           Single lash extension application

⁃           Practice on doll + model

⁃           Removal

— you get certification once you have completed & a PDF Handbook Manual incl all info + full kit if required worth over £100

Learn online Theory + practical in person.

What is required?

–      No previous qualifications

–      Model required

Case studies must be uploaded at the end of each course to await feedback within 7-14 working days’ case studies must be birds eye view and clear


Eyelash Extension Course for Beginners

At Eyelashcure, we offer a wide range of beginner eyelash extension courses. These courses are meant to skill up your passion for eyelash extension.

What you will learn from our eyelash extension course for beginners –

  • How to get started
  • Hygiene
  • Removal
  • Consultation
  • Contraindications
  • Lash shedding cycle
  • Practice on doll + model
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Health and safety in depth
  • Single lash extension application
  • Safe taping & eye gel pads methods
  • Different styles using different lengths, weights & curls, and more

Eyelash Extension Course for Beginners

With the help of this online course, you can expand your skill set or launch a career as a lash technician in the beauty industry by learning one of today’s most well-liked and frequently requested salon treatments.

A highly addictive procedure guarantees that clients will keep coming back month after month to maintain their lovely long and full lashes.

Letting them toss away their mascara and ‘wake up in your makeup’

You will learn a lot about lash extensions in our beginner eyelash extension course, giving


What will you Learn on your Lash Extension Course?

Below mentioned the learning attributes from our lash extension course.

Introduction to the Lash Extensions

Our perfectly curated introduction classes will cover a wide range of topics. These include Health and Safety, Insurance, Consultations and Procedures, Contraindications and Contra-Actions, Lash preparation, Lash Mapping, Aftercare, and more. 

Get in touch and begin your journey. 

Our Lash Extension Kit Includes the following:

– Cosmic elixir lash adhesive 

– Feather touch lash trays 

– Crystal Jade stone 

– Disposable Glitter mascara Wands 

– Microfibre brushes 

– Micropore tape 

– Sensitive tape 

– Strips 

– Tweezers 

– Gel Pads 

– Gel remover


Why Choose Eyelashcure?

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose our eyelash extension course for beginners.

  • Lucrative business
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • Fast growing industry
  • Explore your artistic side
  • Cute Aesthetics in salons
  • Opportunity to be your boss
  • Get inspired by industry leaders
  • Maintain customer relationships
  • An industry to enjoy and admire

Meet and Greet clients across places

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